Further notes on KotlinΒΆ

Corda is written in a language called Kotlin. Kotlin is a language that targets the JVM and can be thought of as a simpler Scala, with much better Java interop. It is developed by and has commercial support from JetBrains, the makers of the IntelliJ IDE and other popular developer tools.

Kotlin is a relatively new language and is extremely easy to learn. It is designed as a better Java for industrial use and, as such, the syntax was carefully designed to be readable even to people who don’t know the language, after only a few minutes of introduction. Additionally, at R3, we find that all of our developers are up to productive writing speed in Kotlin within their first week.

Due to the seamless Java interop the use of Kotlin to extend the platform is not required and the tutorial shows how to write contracts in both Kotlin and Java. You can read more about why Kotlin is a potentially strong successor to Java here.