Publishing Corda

Before Publishing

Before publishing you must make sure the version you plan to publish has a unique version number. Jcenter and Maven Central will not allow overwriting old versions _unless_ the version is a snapshot.

This guide assumes you are trying to publish to net.corda.*. Any other Maven coordinates require approval from Jcenter and Maven Central.

Publishing Locally

To publish the codebase locally to Maven Local you must run:

gradlew install


This command is an alias for publishToMavenLocal.

Publishing to Jcenter


The module you wish to publish must be linked to jcenter in Bintray. Only the founding account can do this.

To publish to Jcenter you must first have the following;

  1. An account on Bintray in the R3 organisation
  2. Our GPG key’s passphrase for signing the binaries to publish

Getting Setup

You must now set the following environment variables:

  • CORDA_BINTRAY_USER your Bintray username
  • CORDA_BINTRAY_KEY to your Bintray API key (found at:


Once you are setup you can upload all modules in a project with

gradlew bintrayUpload

Now login to Bintray and navigate to the corda repository, you will see a box stating you have published N files and asking if you wish to publish. You can now publish to Bintray and Jcenter by clicking this button.


Before publishing you should check that all of the files are uploaded and are signed.

Within a minute your new version will be available to download and use.

Publishing to Maven Central

To publish to Maven Central you need the following;

  1. An admin account on our Bintray R3 organisation
  2. A published version in Bintray
  3. An account with our Sonatype organisation (Maven Central’s host)


  1. Publish to Bintray
  2. Navigate to the project you wish to publish
  3. Click “Maven Central”
  4. Enter your Sonatype credentials to publish a new version


The project you publish must be already published to Bintray and the project must be linked to Jcenter