Design Decision: Certificate Hierarchy

Background / Context

This document purpose is to make a decision on the certificate hierarchy. It is necessary to make this decision as it affects development of features (e.g. Certificate Revocation List).

Options Analysis

There are various options in how we structure the hierarchy above the node CA.

Option 1: Single trust root

Under this option, TLS certificates are issued by the node CA certificate.


  • Existing design


  • The Root CA certificate is used to sign both intermediate certificates and CRL. This may be considered as a drawback as the Root CA should be used only to issue other certificates.

Option 2: Separate TLS vs. identity trust roots

This option splits the hierarchy by introducing a separate trust root for TLS certificates.


  • Simplifies issuance of TLS certificates (implementation constraints beyond those of other certificates used by Corda - specifically, EdDSA keys are not yet widely supported for TLS certificates)
  • Avoids requirement to specify accurate usage restrictions on node CA certificates to issue their own TLS certificates


  • Additional complexity

Recommendation and justification

Proceed with option 1 (Single Trust Root) for current purposes.

Feasibility of option 2 in the code should be further explored in due course.