Deploying Corda to Corda Testnet from a Google Cloud Platform VM

This document explains how to deploy a Corda node to Google Cloud Platform that can connect directly to the Corda Testnet. A self service download link can be obtained from This document will describe how to set up a virtual machine on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to deploy your pre-configured Corda node and automatically connnect to Testnet.


Deploy Corda node

Browse to and log in with your Google credentials.

STEP 1: Create a GCP Project

In the project drop down click on the plus icon to create a new project to house your Corda resources.

Enter a project name and click Create.

STEP 2: Launch the VM

In the left hand side nav click on Compute Engine.

Click on Create Instance.

Fill in the form with the desired VM specs:

Recommended minimum 4vCPU with 15GB memory and 40GB Persistent disk. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Allow full API access.

Dont worry about firewall settings as you will configure those later.

Click Create and wait a few sections for your instance to provision and start running.

STEP 3: Connect to your VM and set up the environment

Once your instance is running click on the SSH button to launch a cloud SSH terminal in a new window.

Run the following to configure the firewall to allow Corda traffic

gcloud compute firewall-rules create nodetonode --allow tcp:10002
gcloud compute firewall-rules create nodetorpc --allow tcp:10003
gcloud compute firewall-rules create webserver --allow tcp:8080

Promote the ephemeral IP address associated with this instance to a static IP address.

First check the region and select the one you are using from the list:

gcloud compute regions list

Find your external IP:

gcloud compute addresses list

Run this command with the ephemeral IP address as the argument to the –addresses flag and the region:

gcloud compute addresses create corda-node --addresses --region europe-west4

STEP 4: Download and set up your Corda node

Now your GCP environment is configured you can switch to the Testnet web application and click on the copy to clipboard button to get a one time installation script.

testnet platform
You can generate as many Testnet identites as you like by refreshing this page to generate a new one time link.

In the terminal of your cloud instance paste the command you just copied to install and run your unique Corda instance:


You can follow the progress of the installation by typing the following command in your terminal:

tail -f /opt/corda/logs/node-<VM-NAME>.log

Testing your deployment

To test your deployment is working correctly follow the instructions in Using the Node Explorer to test a Corda node on Corda Testnet to set up the Finance CorDapp and issue cash to a counterparty.

This will also demonstrate how to install a custom CorDapp.