Out-of-process verification

A Corda node does transaction verification through ServiceHub.transactionVerifierService. This is by default an InMemoryTransactionVerifierService which just verifies transactions in-process.

Corda may be configured to use out of process verification. Any number of verifiers may be started connecting to a node through the node’s exposed artemis SSL port. The messaging layer takes care of load balancing.

To configure a node to use out of process verification specify the verifierType option in your node.conf:

myLegalName : "O=Bank A,L=London,C=GB"
p2pAddress : "my-corda-node:10002"
webAddress : "localhost:10003"
verifierType: "OutOfProcess"


You can build a verifier jar using ./gradlew verifier:standaloneJar.

And run it with java -jar verifier/build/libs/corda-verifier.jar <PATH_TO_VERIFIER_BASE_DIR>.

PATH_TO_VERIFIER_BASE_DIR should contain a certificates folder akin to the one in a node directory, and a verifier.conf containing the following:

nodeHostAndPort: "my-corda-node:10002"
keyStorePassword : "cordacadevpass"
trustStorePassword : "trustpass"