Building against Master

It is advisable to develop CorDapps against the most recent Corda stable release. However you may need to build against the unstable Master branch if you are using a very recent feature, or are testing a PR on the main codebase.

To work against the Master branch, proceed as follows:

  • Open a terminal window in the folder where you cloned the Corda repository

(available here)

  • Use the following command to check out the latest master branch:> git checkout master; git pull

  • Publish Corda to your local Maven repository using the following commands:

  • Unix/Mac OSX: ./gradlew install

  • Windows: gradlew.bat install

By default, the Maven local repository is found at:

  • ~/.m2/repository on Unix/Mac OS X
  • %HOMEPATH%\.m2 on Windows

This step is not necessary when using a stable releases, as the stable releases are published online