Node database

Currently, nodes store their data in an H2 database. In the future, we plan to support a wide range of databases.

You can connect directly to a running node’s database to see its stored states, transactions and attachments as follows:

  • Download the h2 platform-independent zip, unzip the zip, and navigate in a terminal window to the unzipped folder

  • Change directories to the bin folder:cd h2/bin

  • Run the following command to open the h2 web console in a web browser tab:

    • Unix: sh
    • Windows: h2.bat
  • Find the node’s JDBC connection string. Each node outputs its connection string in the terminal window as it starts up. In a terminal window where a node is running, look for the following string:Database connection URL is : jdbc:h2:tcp://

  • Paste this string into the JDBC URL field and click Connect, using the default username and password.

You will be presented with a web interface that shows the contents of your node’s storage and vault, and provides an interface for you to query them using SQL.