Building against Master

When developing a CorDapp, it is advisable to use the most recent Corda Milestone release, which has been extensively tested. However, if you need to use a very recent feature of the codebase, you may need to work against the unstable Master branch.

To work against the Master branch, proceed as follows:

  • Open a terminal window in the folder where you cloned the Corda repository (available here)

  • Use the following command to check out the latest master branch:> git fetch; git checkout master

  • Publish Corda to your local Maven repository using the following commands:

    • Unix/Mac OSX: ./gradlew install
    • Windows: gradlew.bat install

By default, the Maven local repository is found at: * ~/.m2/repository on Unix/Mac OS X * %HOMEPATH%\.m2 on Windows

This step is not necessary when using a Milestone releases, as the Milestone releases are published online