Corda Enterprise operations guide

The Corda Operations Guide is intended to assist you and your organisation in planning, deploying, and operating an instance of Corda Enterprise. Much of the material you can read here is expanded upon throughout the docs, and can be readily found using a search on this documentation site. Wherever there is more material available on a particular subject, you can follow a link for the complete documentation.

There are three sections in this guide:

  • Project planner documentation

  • Operations and deployment guide

  • Monitoring and logging

Project planner documentation

The project planner documentation gives advice on the requirements of Corda deployments. It explains the likely environments that you will to deploy, and what components should be deployed there.

Operations and deployment guide

The operations and deployment section contains instructions on configuring and deploying all elements of a Corda solution.

Monitoring and logging

The monitoring and logging section gives advice on the metrics available in Corda and various monitoring scenarios.