CENM Auth Service Helm Chart

This Helm chart is to configure, deploy, and run the Auth Service on Kubernetes.

Example usage

In the example below, the default values are used:

helm install cenm-auth auth --set prefix=cenm --set acceptLicense=Y

In the example below, the default values are overwritten:

helm install cenm-auth auth --set prefix=cenm --set acceptLicense=Y --set volumeSizeAuthLogs=5Gi


ParameterDescriptionDefault value
bashDebugDisplay additional information while running bash scripts (useful while investigating issues)false
authImage.repositoryURL to Network Map Docker image repositoryacrcenm.azurecr.io/auth/auth
authImage.tagDocker image tag1.5
authImage.pullPolicyImage pull policy. Ref.: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/containers/images/#updating-imagesAlways
database.driverClassNameAuth Service database connection detailsorg.h2.Driver
database.jdbcDriverAuth Service database connection details""
database.urlAuth Service database connection detailsjdbc:h2:file:./h2/networkmap-persistence;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;LOCK_TIMEOUT=10000;WRITE_DELAY=0;AUTO_SERVER_PORT=0
database.userAuth Service database connection detailsexample-db-user
database.passwordAuth Service database connection detailsexample-db-password
database.runMigrationAuth Service database connection detailstrue
volumeSizeAuthEtcVolume size for the etc/ directory1Gi
volumeSizeAuthH2Volume size for the h2/ directory5Gi
volumeSizeAuthLogsVolume size for the logs/ directory5Gi
sleepTimeAfterErrorSleep time (in seconds) after an error occurred120
logsContainersEnabledEnable container displaying live logstrue
For additional information on database connection details refer to the official documentation: database documentation.