Introduction to Corda

A Corda Network is a peer-to-peer network of Nodes, each representing a party on the network. These Nodes run Corda applications (CorDapps), and transact between Nodes using public or confidential identities.

When one or more Nodes are involved in a transaction, the transaction must be notarised. Notaries are a specialised type of Node that provides uniqueness consensus by attesting that, for a given transaction, it has not already signed other transactions that consumes any of the proposed transaction’s input states.

Corda Enterprise

Corda Enterprise is a commercial edition of the Corda platform, specifically optimised to meet the privacy, security and throughput demands of modern day business. Corda Enterprise is interoperable and compatible with Corda open source and is designed for organisations with exacting requirements around quality of service and the network infrastructure in which they operate.

Corda Enterprise contains all the core Corda functionality, but also includes the Corda Firewall, support for high-availability Node and Notary deployments, and compatibility with hardware security modules (HSMs).

Corda Enterprise vs Corda open source: feature comparison

More details on Corda Enterprise features compared to Corda open source features follow below.

Corda Functionality

FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Corda ledger
Flow framework
Immutable states
Smart contracts
Atomic transactions (with input, output and reference states)
Multiple accounts
Supported development languagesJava, KotlinJava, Kotlin
Standard Corda APIs
Compatible with any Corda network (including the Corda Network)


FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Single node
Multiple nodes for high availability/disaster recovery


FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
In-process Artemis MQ
External Artemis MQ
Corda firewall
Multi-node use of a shared external Artemis MQ and a shared Corda firewall

Key storage

FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Java keystore file
HSM support

Vault databases

FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
H2 (development use only)
Postgres✓ Please note that this has been harmonised with Corda Enterprise in Corda 4.5 to allow for in-place upgrades
SQL ServerExperimental only


FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Simple notary
Oracle RAC connectivity
CockroachDB connectivity
Clustered notary (for high availability)


FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Dynamic database caching and performance enhancements
Multi-threaded flow state machine


FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Node health check tool
Configuration obfuscation tool
HA admin tool


FeatureCorda open sourceCorda Enterprise
Developer mailing lists (no SLA)
Cordaledger slack (no SLA)
Software maintenance
Support by R3 Support Engineering
Access to R3 Professional ServicesUpgrading to Corda Enterprise only