CENM Auth Service Helm Chart

This Helm chart is to configure, deploy, and run the CENM Auth Service on Kubernetes.

Example usage

In the example below, the default values are used:

helm install cenm-auth auth --set prefix=cenm --set acceptLicense=Y

In the example below, the default values are overwritten:

helm install cenm-auth auth --set prefix=cenm --set acceptLicense=Y --set volumeSizeAuthLogs=5Gi


ParameterDescriptionDefault value
bashDebugDisplay additional information while running bash scripts (useful while investigating issues)false
authImage.repositoryURL to Network Map Docker image repositoryacrcenm.azurecr.io/auth/auth
authImage.tagDocker image tag1.4
authImage.pullPolicyImage pull policy. Ref.: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/containers/images/#updating-imagesAlways
database.driverClassNameAuth Service database connection detailsorg.h2.Driver
database.jdbcDriverAuth Service database connection details""
database.urlAuth Service database connection detailsjdbc:h2:file:./h2/networkmap-persistence;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;LOCK_TIMEOUT=10000;WRITE_DELAY=0;AUTO_SERVER_PORT=0
database.userAuth Service database connection detailsexample-db-user
database.passwordAuth Service database connection detailsexample-db-password
database.runMigrationAuth Service database connection detailstrue
volumeSizeAuthEtcVolume size for the etc/ directory1Gi
volumeSizeAuthH2Volume size for the h2/ directory5Gi
volumeSizeAuthLogsVolume size for the logs/ directory5Gi
sleepTimeAfterErrorSleep time (in seconds) after an error occurred120
logsContainersEnabledEnable container displaying live logstrue
For additional information on database connection details refer to the official documentation: database documentation.