Pluggable serializers for CorDapp checkpoints

If a CorDapp encounters an exception during the checkpoint process, it may need a custom serializer to make a class serializable.

Writing a custom checkpoint serializer

Checkpoint serializers follow the same rules as normal pluggable serializers.

In addition they need to implement net.corda.core.serialization.CheckpointCustomSerializer.


Create a class that claims to implement the Map interface, but does not behave correctly:

public final class BrokenMapImpl<K,V> extends HashMap<K,V> {
    public V put(K key, V value) {
        throw new RuntimeException("Broken on purpose");

This class will not checkpoint correctly because the put method is broken.

Here is a flow for testing the behaviour of this map:

public class BrokenMapFlow extends FlowLogic<Integer> {

    public Integer call() throws FlowException {

        // Something to store in our map
        HashMap<String, Integer> inputValues = new HashMap<>();
        inputValues.put("Key", 5);

        // This map won't serialize correctly
        BrokenMapImpl<String, Integer> brokenMap = new BrokenMapImpl<>();

        // Force a checkpoint

        // Output a value from the map
        getLogger().info("Flow completed successfully");
        getLogger().info("Result is " + brokenMap.get("Key"));
        return brokenMap.get("Key");

At this point, there is a flow that will not deserialize from checkpoint correctly. It will throw an exception when trying to rebuild BrokenMapImpl.

Adding this implementation of CheckpointCustomSerializer will fix the issue. It will be found at startup and registered with the system. When the test flow reaches a checkpoint, this will transform BrokenMapImpl into a HashMap for storage and then convert back to BrokenMapImpl when the flow resumes.

public class BrokenMapSerializer implements CheckpointCustomSerializer<BrokenMapImpl, HashMap> {

    // Convert to a HashMap for storage
    public HashMap toProxy(BrokenMapImpl brokenMap) {
        return new HashMap(brokenMap);

    // Convert back to BrokenMapImpl on resume
    public BrokenMapImpl fromProxy(HashMap hashMap) {
        BrokenMapImpl brokenMap = new BrokenMapImpl();
        return brokenMap;