Building CorDapps against a non-release branch

It is advisable to develop CorDapps against the most recent Corda stable release. However, you may need to build a CorDapp against an unstable non-release branch if your CorDapp uses a very recent feature, or you are using the CorDapp to test a PR on the main codebase.

To work against a non-release branch, proceed as follows:

  • Clone the Corda repository

  • Check out the branch or commit of the Corda repository you want to work against

  • Make a note of the gradlePluginsVersion in the root file of the Corda repository

  • Clone the Corda Gradle Plugins repository

  • Check out the tag of the Corda Gradle Plugins repository corresponding to the gradlePluginsVersion

  • Follow the instructions in the readme of the Corda Gradle Plugins repository to install this version of the Corda Gradle plugins locally

  • Open a terminal window in the folder where you cloned the Corda repository

  • Publish Corda to your local Maven repository using the following commands:

  • Unix/Mac OSX: ./gradlew install

  • Windows: gradlew.bat install

  • Make a note of the corda_release_version in the root build.gradle file of the Corda repository.
  • In your CorDapp’s root build.gradle file:
    • Update ext.corda_release_version to the corda_release_version noted down earlier.
    • Update corda_gradle_plugins_version to the gradlePluginsVersion noted down earlier - for Corda Enterprise 4.6 this must be ext.corda_gradle_plugins_version = '5.0.12'.