RPC operations

The node’s owner interacts with the node solely via remote procedure calls (RPC). The node’s owner does not have access to the node’s ServiceHub.

The key RPC operations exposed by the node are:

  • CordaRPCOps.vaultQueryBy

    • Extract states from the node’s vault based on a query criteria
  • CordaRPCOps.vaultTrackBy

    • As above, but also returns an observable of future states matching the query
  • CordaRPCOps.networkMapFeed

    • A list of network nodes, and an observable of changes to the network map
  • CordaRPCOps.registeredFlows

    • See a list of registered flows on the node
  • CordaRPCOps.startFlowDynamic

    • Start one of the node’s registered flows
  • CordaRPCOps.startTrackedFlowDynamic

    • As above, but also returns a progress handle for the flow
  • CordaRPCOps.nodeDiagnosticInfo

    • Returns diagnostic information about the node, including the version and CorDapp details
  • CordaRPCOps.nodeInfo

    • Returns the network map entry of the node, including its address and identity details as well as the platform version information
  • CordaRPCOps.currentNodeTime

    • Returns the current time according to the node’s clock
  • CordaRPCOps.partyFromKey/CordaRPCOps.wellKnownPartyFromX500Name

    • Retrieves a party on the network based on a public key or X500 name
  • CordaRPCOps.uploadAttachment/CordaRPCOps.openAttachment/CordaRPCOps.attachmentExists

    • Uploads, opens and checks for the existence of attachments