Platform support matrix

Our supported Operating System platforms are a subset of those supported by Java.

Production use of Corda Enterprise 4.5 is only supported on Linux OS, see details below.

JDK support

Corda Enterprise 4.5 has been tested and verified to work with Oracle JDK 8 JVM 8u251+ and Azul Zulu Enterprise 8u252, downloadable from Azul Systems.

Other distributions of the OpenJDK are not officially supported but should be compatible with Corda Enterprise 4.5.

Operating systems supported in production

PlatformCPU ArchitectureVersions
Red Hat Enterprise Linuxx86-647.x, 6.x
Suse Linux Enterprise Serverx86-6412.x, 11.x
Ubuntu Linuxx86-6416.04, 18.04
Oracle Linuxx86-647.x, 6.x

Operating systems supported in development

PlatformCPU ArchitectureVersions
Microsoft Windowsx86-6410, 8.x
Microsoft Windows Serverx86-642016, 2012 R2, 2012
Apple macOSx86-6410.9 and above

Node databases

VendorCPU ArchitectureVersionsJDBC Driver
Microsoftx86-64Azure SQL,SQL Server 2017Microsoft JDBC Driver 6.4
Oraclex86-6411gR2Oracle JDBC 6
Oraclex86-6412cR2Oracle JDBC 8
PostgreSQLx86-649.6, 10.10, 11.5PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.1.4 / 42.2.8

MySQL notary databases

VendorCPU ArchitectureVersionsJDBC Driver
Percona Server for MySQL (deprecated)x86-645.7MySQL JDBC Driver 8.0.16

JPA notary databases

VendorCPU ArchitectureVersionsJDBC Driver
CockroachDBx86-6419.1.2PostgreSQL JDBCDriver 42.1.4
Oracle RACx86-6412cR2Oracle JDBC 8

Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

DeviceLegal Identity & CA keysTLS keysConfidential Identity keysNotary service keys
Utimaco SecurityServer Se Gen2* Firmware version 4.21.1* Firmware version 4.21.1Not supportedNot supported
* Driver version 4.21.1* Driver version 4.21.1
Gemalto Luna* Firmware version 7.0.3* Firmware version 7.0.3Not supportedNot supported
* Driver version 7.3* Driver version 7.3
FutureX Vectera Plus* Firmware version* Firmware version supportedNot supported
* PKCS#11 version 3.1* PKCS#11 version 3.1
* FXJCA version 1.17* FXJCA version 1.17
Azure Key Vault* Driver version 1.2.1* Driver version 1.2.1Not supported* Driver version 1.2.1
Securosys PrimusX* Firmware version 2.7.4* Firmware version 2.7.4* Firmware version 2.7.4* Firmware version 2.7.4
* Driver version 1.8.2* Driver version 1.8.2* Driver version 1.8.2* Driver version 1.8.2
nCipher nShield Connect* Firmware version 12.50.11* Firmware version 12.50.11Not supported* Firmware version 12.50.11
* Driver version 12.60.2* Driver version 12.60.2
AWS CloudHSM* Driver version 3.0.0* Driver version 3.0.0* Driver version 3.0.0Not supported