Writing a custom notary service (experimental)

The first step is to create a service class in your CorDapp that extends the NotaryService abstract class. This will ensure that it is recognised as a notary service. The custom notary service class should provide a constructor with two parameters of types ServiceHubInternal and PublicKey. Note that ServiceHubInternal does not provide any API stability guarantees.

class MyCustomValidatingNotaryService(override val services: ServiceHubInternal, override val notaryIdentityKey: PublicKey) : SinglePartyNotaryService() {
    override val uniquenessProvider = PersistentUniquenessProvider(services.clock, services.database, services.cacheFactory)

    override fun createServiceFlow(otherPartySession: FlowSession): FlowLogic<Void?> = MyValidatingNotaryFlow(otherPartySession, this)

    override fun start() {}
    override fun stop() {}


The next step is to write a notary service flow. You are free to copy and modify the existing built-in flows such as ValidatingNotaryFlow, NonValidatingNotaryFlow, or implement your own from scratch (following the NotaryFlow.Service template). Below is an example of a custom flow for a validating notary service:

class MyValidatingNotaryFlow(otherSide: FlowSession, service: MyCustomValidatingNotaryService) : ValidatingNotaryFlow(otherSide, service, defaultEstimatedWaitTime) {
    override fun verifyTransaction(requestPayload: NotarisationPayload) {
        try {
            val stx = requestPayload.signedTransaction
        } catch (e: Exception) {
            throw  NotaryInternalException(NotaryError.TransactionInvalid(e))

    private fun resolveAndContractVerify(stx: SignedTransaction) {
        subFlow(ResolveTransactionsFlow(stx, otherSideSession))
        stx.verify(serviceHub, false)

    private fun verifySignatures(stx: SignedTransaction) {
        val transactionWithSignatures = stx.resolveTransactionWithSignatures(serviceHub)

    private fun checkSignatures(tx: TransactionWithSignatures) {

    private fun customVerify(stx: SignedTransaction) {
        // Add custom verification logic


To enable the service, add the following to the node configuration:

notary : {
    validating : true # Set to false if your service is non-validating
    className : "net.corda.notarydemo.MyCustomValidatingNotaryService" # The fully qualified name of your service class