HA Notary Metrics

Corda nodes export various performance and health metrics for monitoring, as described in Node administration. The HA notary provides additional notary-related metrics as listed below.


The MySQLUniquenessProvider collects and exposes the following metrics.

Metric NameDescription
CommitTransaction commit duration and transactions per seconds
IPSInput states per second
BatchCommitTransaction batch commit duration and rate meter
RollbackWhen writing to multiple masters with Galera, transaction rollbacks may
happen due to high write contention
ConnectionExceptionIncremented when we can not obtain a DB connection
ConflictsDouble spend attempts, including notarisation retries
NumberOfInputStatesDistribution of number of input states per transaction
requestQueue.queuedStatesNumber of requests in the queue at insert

Below is a screenshot of the metrics displayed in the Hawtio console.