Contract Whitelist Generation

When setting or updating the network parameters, the Network Map Service scans the .jar files referenced in the configuration file (i.e. cordappsJar ) for the presence of any contract classes. If such a class is found then it is added to the whitelist. It is possible to exclude certain contract classes by adding their package names to the exclude section of the configuration file. A user can also define the whitelist using the contract classes and corresponding .jar hashes explicitly. To do so, the contracts attribute holding the list of the explicitly specified whitelisted contracts needs to be set. Following is an example of the contract whitelist generation specific configuration:

whitelistContracts = {
    cordappsJars = [
    exclude = [
    contracts = [
            className = "com.cordapp.contracts.Contract1",
            attachmentIds = [ "C9FD27992C01F4DA04F060382F52039E3B2024D46092A890BED80BB2BE58E5B9", "AAAD27992C01F4DA04F060382F52039E3B2024D46092A890BED80BB2BE58E5B9" ]
            className = "com.cordapp.contracts.Contract2",
            attachmentIds = [ "C9FD27992C01F4DA04F060382F52039E3B2024D46092A890BED80BB2BE58E5B9" ]