CENM Database Configuration

Both the Network Map and Identity Manager Components require a persistent layer to be available. This is described in their respective configs with the following configuration state.

  • database:

  • runMigration: Create or upgrade the database schema (database objects like tables, indices) to the current version of the service. If it is set to false, and the database schema is up to date, the service will validate.

  • initialiseSchema: (Deprecated) Automatically creates the tables required by the CENM component.

  • jdbcDriver: Path to the .jar file containing the specific JDBC driver

  • driverClassName: See the specific JDBC driver documentation

  • url: Location of the Database on the network

  • user: Database user

  • password: Database user password

  • additionalProperties: (Optional) Additional database properties

  • lockResolutionStrategy: When lockResolutionStrategy is set to SingleInstance and runMigration is set to true, the database lock applied by Liquibase is forcefully removed before the migration. This can solve problems where the application was shut down during migration, and the database remains locked.

    • Allowed values:
      • Not set (Default)
      • SingleInstance