Overview of CENM error codes

Corda Enterprise Network Manager can report a number of error codes. The tables below provide details about such error codes for errors related to configuration parsing and validation.

For each error code in the tables, there is additional information about its aliases, the reason why that error occurred, and (for the main CENM errors) instructions on what actions you can take to address the problem reported by the error.

Table contents:

  • Error code: the error code as reported by the Corda node.
  • Description: a description of what has gone wrong.
  • Actions to fix: what actions to take in order to address the problem (only available for the main CENM error codes in the first table below).

To make use of this table, search the console or node logs for lines indicating an error has occurred. Errors that have corresponding codes will contain a message with the error code and a link pointing to this page.

CENM error codes table

Error codeDescriptionActions to fix
config-parsing-and-validation-errorThis error indicates that there were both parsing and validating issues with the config.Check the additional details and double check that your configs are lining up with the most recent CENM documentation.
config-parse-errorThis error indicates that an error has occurred during configuration parsing.Check the additional details and double check that your configs are lining up with the most recent CENM documentation.
config-file-doesnt-existThis error indicates that the configuration file that was provided does not exist.Check that the provided path is correct and that the file is actually there.
config-file-not-readableThis error indicates that the configuration file could not be read.Make sure you have the rights to read the configuration file.
config-validation-errorThis error indicates that there were validating issues with the configurationCheck the additional details and double check that your configurations are lined up with the most recent CENM documentation.
config-substitution-errorThis error indicates that a substitution did not resolve to anything.Check if the entries in your configuration file are specified correctly.

RPC Admin API error codes table

These error codes are a bit different than the CENM error codes in the table above. They are attached to the RPC errors that are thrown when using the CENM services’ RPC Admin API.

These error codes can be accessed by using the code property when encountering the error in the RPC client.

Error codeDescription
GENERAL_ERRORUsed when the server throws a more general exception - for example, RuntimeException or when the server responds with an error type that is unknown or the error type is not present.
CLIENT_REQUEST_PROCESSING_ERRORUsed when the client’s request is being marshalled into a JSON. If there is a processing exception during that phase, this error type will be used.
CLIENT_RESPONSE_PROCESSING_ERRORUsed when the server’s response (body) cannot be un-marshalled into the given object. This can happen because of various reasons - see the attached cause in the RpcClientException class for more specific reason.
CLIENT_RESPONSE_MISSING_BODYUsed when the server’s response (body) is missing, and the call requires a response.
NETWORK_MAP_NODE_INFO_DECODING_FAILEDDecoding uploaded node info String to ByteArray failed.
NETWORK_MAP_HASH_PARSING_FAILEDParsing uploaded node info or Network Parameters to SecureHash failed.
NETWORK_MAP_NODE_INFO_WRITE_FAILEDWriting node info to disk file failed.
NETWORK_MAP_PARAMETERS_FILE_NOT_FOUNDProvided Network Parameters file (argument provided by Angel Service when starting Network Map) doesn’t exist.
NETWORK_MAP_PARAMETERS_FILE_CORRUPTProvided Network Parameters file (argument provided by Angel Service when starting Network Map) failed parsing or validation.
NETWORK_MAP_PARAMETERS_UNCHANGEDNew advertised Network Parameters update is same to existing Network Parameters.
NETWORK_MAP_PARAMETERS_UPDATE_NOT_FOUNDNo parameters update found for given Network Parameters’s hash or there are no scheduled updates at all.
NETWORK_MAP_UPDATE_DEADLINE_NOT_REACHEDUpdate deadline specified in advertised parameters update hasn’t passed yet.
NETWORK_MAP_PARAMETERS_NOT_SIGNEDAdvertised parameters update hasn’t been signed yet.
IDENTITY_MANAGER_LEGAL_NAME_PARSING_FAILEDProvided legal name String failed to be parsed to CordaX500Name.
IDENTITY_MANAGER_CERTIFICATE_NOT_FOUNDCertificate to be revoked doesn’t exist.
SIGNER_SIGNING_PROCESS_NOT_FOUNDSigning process used for fetching or signing provided data type (CSR, CRL, NETWORK_MAP, NETWORK_PARAMETERS) doesn’t exist.
SIGNER_SIGNING_FAILEDThere was an error during actual material signing.
UNKNOWN_FUNCTIONThe function used in the request cannot be recognised.
UNKNOWN_MESSAGE_TYPEThe message type used in the request cannot be recognised.
INVALID_REQUEST_CONTENTThe content used in the request cannot be recognised.
USER_TOKEN_ERRORUsed when the user token is invalid.
AUTHORISATION_ERRORUsed when a call is made that the user does not have authorisation for.
ZONE_SERVICE_SUBZONE_NOT_FOUNDSub-zone with provided subZoneId doesn’t exist.
ZONE_SERVICE_CONFIG_PARSING_FAILEDProvided configuration to be uploaded failed parsing.
ZONE_SERVICE_CONFIG_VALIDATION_FAILEDProvided configuration to be uploaded failed user validation rules (non-runtime dependent ones).
ZONE_SERVICE_LABEL_VALIDATION_FAILEDProvided label data to be uploaded failed validation (text is empty or colour is not formatted as RGB hex code).

Corda Enterprise error codes

For a list of node error codes in Corda Enterprise, see Node error codes.