Welcome to the Corda Enterprise Network Manager

The Corda Enterprise Network Manager (CENM) is a commercial offering from R3 that facilitates the operation of a bespoke Corda network that gives the user full control over all aspects of deployment, operation, and consensus rules. This is provided as an alternative to using the service-level-managed production components that are otherwise available from Corda Network, which is governed by the independent Corda Network Foundation.

The Corda Enterprise Network Manager provides the following services:

  • Identity Manager Service Enables nodes to join the network, and handles revocation of a node certificate.
  • Network Map Service Provides a global view of the network.
  • Signing Service Provides a way to sign approved requests to join the network (Certificate Signing Requests - CSRs) or revoke a certificate (Certificate Revocation Requests - CRRs), as well as changes to the network map.
  • Auth Service The user authentication and authorisation service. Stores and controls secure user-access to network services.
  • Gateway Service Provides a transfer layer between front-end Corda Enterprise Network Manager (CENM) interfaces, and the Auth Service that underpins authentication and authorisation in CENM.
  • Zone Service A central store of configuration for other CENM services for one or more zones, and optionally for their Sub Zones. Stores relevant configurations for the Identity Manager Service, the Network Map Service, and the Signing Service.
  • Angel Service An adapter, which manages the lifecycle of other services such as the Network Map Service or the Identity Manager Service, to make them more compatible with packaging tools such as Docker.

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