The following are the instructions on setting up the JIRA in order to satisfy minimal requirements from the point of view of the Identity Manager Certificate Signing Request (CSR)/Certificate Revocation Request (CRR) approval workflow. This will enable a user to integrate such JIRA deployment with the CENM CSR/CRR approval workflow plugin.

User Set-Up

Create a user with an administrative permissions and make sure it is assigned to the default groups: jira-administrators and jira-software-users. The following shows an example for a Test user setup.

jira 7

Project Set-Up

Create two projects (one for Certificate Signing Requests and one for Certificate Revocation Requests) of the type of Process Management. The following shows final settings for both projects.

jira 6

Project Workflow

Make sure that both projects (CSR and CRR) have the following workflow configured.

jira 1 Tickets are moved from Approved status to Done automatically, once the request is signed by the HSM.

Custom fields

Additionally, the following 3 custom fields need to be created and configured in JIRA:

  • Request ID
  • Reject Reason
  • Reject Reason Description

The following snippets depict the configuration for those fields:

jira 4 jira 3 jira 2 jira 5