CENM Notary Helm Chart

This Helm chart is to configure, deploy, and run a Corda Notary on Kubernetes.

Example usage

In the example below, the default values are used:

helm install cenm-notary notary --set notaryPublicIP=X.X.X.X --set prefix=cenm --set mpv=4 --set acceptLicense=Y

In the example below, the default values are overwritten:

helm install cenm-notary notary --set notaryPublicIP=X.X.X.X --set prefix=cenm --set mpv=4 --set acceptLicense=Y --set volumeSizeNotaryLogs=20Gi


ParameterDescriptionDefault value
bashDebugDisplay additional information while running bash scripts (useful while investigating issues)false
dockerImage.nameURL to Notary Docker imageacrcenm.azurecr.io/notary/notary
dockerImage.tagDocker image Tag1.2
dockerImage.pullPolicyImage pull policy. Ref.: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/containers/images/#updating-imagesAlways
volumeSizeNotaryBinVolume size for the bin/ directory2Gi
volumeSizeNotaryEtcVolume size for the etc/ directory10Mi
volumeSizeNotaryNodeinfoVolume size for the nodeinfo/ directory1Mi
volumeSizeNotaryCertificateVolume size for the certificate/ directory5Mi
volumeSizeNotaryLogsVolume size for the notary/ directory10Gi
volumeSizeNotaryH2Volume size for the h2/ directory1Mi
p2pPortP2P port used to communicate with Corda nodes10002
cordaJarMxInitial value for memory allocation (GB)3
devModeFlag to run the Notary in development modefalse
sshdPortSSH port for Notary2222
jarPathPath to a folder which contains Notary .jar filesbin
configPathPath to a folder which contains Notary configuration fileetc
sleepTimeAfterErrorSleep time (in seconds) after an error occurred120
jksSourceURL where the network-root-truststore.jks is or would be available from""
networkServices.doormanURLURL for the Identity Manager Service (formerly Doorman)idman-ip:10000
networkServices.networkMapURLURL for the Network Map Servicenmap:10000
mpvMinimum platform version3
dataSourceProperties.dataSource.passwordNotary database connection detailsziAscD0MJnj4n4xkFWY6XuMBuw9bvYC7
dataSourceProperties.dataSource.urlNotary database connection detailsjdbc:h2:file:./h2/notary-persistence;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;WRITE_DELAY=0;LOCK_TIMEOUT=10000
dataSourceProperties.dataSource.userNotary database connection detailssa
dataSourceProperties.dataSource.dataSourceClassNameNotary database connection detailsorg.h2.jdbcx.JdbcDataSource
notary.validatingType of Notaryfalse
rpcSettingsAddressRPC settings for Notary0.0.0.0
rpcSettingsAddressPortRPC settings for Notary10003
rpcSettingsAdminAddressRPC settings for Notarylocalhost
rpcSettingsAdminAddressPortRPC settings for Notary10770
rpcSettingsStandAloneBrokerRPC settings for Notaryfalse
rpcSettingsUseSslRPC settings for Notaryfalse
rpcUsers.usernameUsername for the built-in SSH servicenotary
rpcUsers.passwordPassword for the built-in SSH servicenotaryP

For additional information on database connection details refer to the Corda database documentation.