Welcome to the Corda Enterprise Network Manager

The Corda Enterprise Network Manager (CENM) is a commercial offering from R3 that facilitates the operation of a bespoke Corda network that gives the user full control over all aspects of deployment, operation, and consensus rules. This is provided as an alternative to using the service-level-managed production components that are otherwise available from Corda Network, which is governed by the independent Corda Network Foundation.

The Corda Enterprise Network Manager provides three main services:

  • Identity Manager Service - enables nodes to join the network, and handles revocation of a node certificate.
  • Network Map Service - provides a global view of the network.
  • Signing Service - provides a way to sign approved requests to join the network (Certificate Signing Requests - CSRs) or revoke a certificate (Certificate Revocation Requests - CRRs), as well as changes to the network map.

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