Welcome to the Corda Enterprise Network Manager

The Corda Enterprise Network Manager is a commercial offering from R3 that facilitates the operation of a bespoke Corda network that gives the operator full control over all aspects of deployment, operation, and the consensus rules. This is provided as an alternative to taking advantage of utilising the service-level-managed production components that are otherwise be available from Corda Network, governed by the independent Corda Network Foundation.

The Corda Enterprise Network Manager encompasses three main services:

  • Identity Manager Service - Enables nodes to join the network, as well as handles revocation of a nodes certificate
  • Network Map Service - Provides a global view of the network
  • Signing Services - Provides a way to sign approved requests to join the network (CSRs) or revoke a certificate (CRRs) as well as changes to the network map

For a quick start guide on running the ENM services see Enterprise Network Manager Quick-Start Guide.

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