Building up the Smart Contract view

Over the following sections you will discover the elements of the Smart Contract view.

You will follow a simple negotiation use case, where a buyer is negotiating to buy some goods from a seller for an agreed price. The requirements can be summarised as follows:

  • There should be a buyer and a seller who are represented as Parties on a Corda Network.
  • The negotiation should result in an agreement recorded on the Corda Ledger which has the conscious and informed consent of both parties.
  • The agreement should record the buyer, seller, description of the goods and the price agreed.
  • Either party should be able to propose an agreement, with the other party either consenting to or rejecting the proposal.
  • The proposer should be able to change their mind and revoke the proposal prior to the other party consenting.
  • When a agreement is agreed, then a billing tracker must increment which tracks Network usage for the purpose of billing.
  • Privacy must be maintained such that Parties to an agreement can’t see previous agreements performed on the network to which they were not a party
  • The Business Network Operator who manages the Agreement Service should not see details of the agreements made on their network.

You can follow the steps in the build up to a full Smart Contract view diagram which, will look like this: