Corda Payments Alpha

Corda Payments Alpha is an early release feature that allows you to create experimental payment solutions in Corda. With the Modulr Payment Rail, you can use Corda Payments to connect to a live Payment Service Provider (PSPs).

There are two main CorDapps in this version of Corda Payments:

  • Payments-core - the main CorDapp that enables all flows required to make payments to a chosen PSP.
  • Modulr Payment Rail CorDapp - a ready-to-try CorDapp that allows you to create payments using the Modulr PSP.

There are likely to be substantial architectural improvements as development of these features accelerates towards commercial readiness. This is an opportunity for early adopters to test Corda Payments and engage with the concepts before investing in a commercial payments solution.

Create and test a theoretical payments solution using Payments-core.

Try the Modulr Payment Rail CorDapp to trial live payments through the Modulr PSP.