Bank in a Box

The Bank in a Box CorDapp highlights Corda use cases in a banking application. It provides you with ideas and best practices for creating your own bank app, built on Corda.

Use these guides to explore the possibilities of creating a retail banking application within the security of a Corda Network. Learn how to enable these services in your own application:

  • Account management.
  • Deposits and withdrawals.
  • Loans.
  • Scheduled recurring payments against an existing credit balance.
  • An overdraft facility.
  • Intrabank payments.
  • Daily withdrawal and transfer limits.

Bank in a Box highlights best practices for implementing Corda features including:

  • Flows.
  • Accounts SDK.
  • Scheduled states.
  • Oracles.
  • CorDapp integration with external systems.

See Getting started with Bank in a Box to set up the application and start testing.