Building the documentation

The documentation is under the docs folder, and is written in reStructuredText format. Documentation in HTML format is pre-generated, as well as code documentation, and this can be done automatically via a provided script.


To build the documentation, you will need:

Note that to install under OS X El Capitan, you will need to tell pip to install under /usr/local, which can be done by specifying the installation target on the command line:

sudo -H pip install --install-option '--install-data=/usr/local' Sphinx
sudo -H pip install --install-option '--install-data=/usr/local' sphinx_rtd_theme


Once the requirements are installed, you can automatically build the HTML format user documentation and the API documentation by running the following script:

./gradlew buildDocs

Alternatively you can build non-HTML formats from the docs folder. Change directory to the folder and then run the following to see a list of all available formats:


For example to produce the documentation in HTML format:

make html